Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunny days

The chooks have definite names now - Mavis and Madge. They are very confident and (dare I say it) cocky. Yesterday I saw (and heard - she was quite vocal about it!) Mavis scolding an enormous Currawong for stealing some of their scraps. They are laying an egg each every day, so I'm looking at quiches and spinach and fetta pie with new eyes - I can't eat egg on toast forever!

A few sunny days in a row have lifted the spirits enormously here on the hillside. Being stuck inside when it's cold and rainy makes me feel like I'm stuck inside a computer game, where all my thoughts become projectiles that ricochet off the walls and hit me again.

On Friday I went to a cheese making class and learnt how to make Brie. Yesterday I completed the second stage, soaking the wheels in brine and culture, and now they are sitting in the pantry quietly growing, at least I hope so. Fingers crossed they turn out well.

I sat outside in the sun yesterday afternoon for a few hours and spun some yarn - an angora/merino blend from Ixchel Fibres. I haven't done any spinning in quite a while, so it wasn't the best yarn in the world, but it was nice to sit in the sun, hear the magpies warbling away and feel the fibre sliding through my hands. I find spinning very calming - whether it is the repetitive motion of the drafting or the tactile pleasure of the soft fibre, I don't know. It definitely puts a more tranquil glow on the world though.

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