Thursday, September 16, 2010

I want...

There is a wind blowing today that feels like it is coming straight off the snow, so I've retreated inside and as a reward for clearing my desk of all my filing, I've been playing my favourite game, 'I want...', where I trawl the internet looking for things to buy with all the spare cash I don't have.
Today two things have come to the top of the list; firstly a new tattoo, something a lot like this gorgeous one:

I love the tree of life motif, especially how the roots are usually equal to the tree - I've always felt very connected to my family, who have lived here for so long, and inspired by their stories. This also represents my love of trees, leaves and the turning of the seasons. I'm visualising it as covering most of my upper back like this one. Long term goal maybe.
The second thing is to renovate my house, starting with combining three small rooms into one. I had a brainstorm with my sister and mum yesterday and I'm very excited about it. At the moment the rooms are the Junk room (can't get into that one), Bead room, and Yarn/fibre room. The yarn room has the only north facing window in the whole house, and in the winter it is the best room in the whole house - lovely and warm and bright.
Next to this room is the bead room, but you can't get to it from the yarn room unless you climb through the window. My best guess is that the bead room and the junk room behind it were originally a verandah on the west side of the house and were turned into rooms. The bead room has a door to the outside on the north side, and the junk room has a door on the south side of the house, and they both have west facing windows.
Confused yet? :)
Anyway, my plan is to join the junk room and the bead room into one, making a long, narrow studio space. Then, have this space join with the (now) yarn room by eliminating the connecting wall/window and replacing it with bi-fold doors, so it can be closed off. So when the doors are open it would be an L-shaped room, and when they are closed the (now) yarn room would be a sitting room.
And I want... it to look like this wonderful craft room I found on flickr. I love the green walls and white cabinetry.
At the moment, the bead room has a bare wooden floor where I ripped up the rapidly disintegrating bile yellow carpet, the yarn room has 70's variegated brown carpet, and the junk room has lino of uncertain colour (could be green, could be grey - hard to tell). BUT, all of the rooms have wooden floorboards underneath which would come up very nicely with a sand and polish.
It's very exciting to plan and imagine like this. My uncle is a builder, so next time he comes to visit I'm going to quiz him on whether my plan is possible structurally (load bearing walls and such) and how much I need to save before it can become a reality.

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