Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wild weather

Well, it was a wild night last night. Along with all the rain (over 4 inches at last count) the wind kicked in. Before I went to bed, I went to feed the outside cats and I could hear the wind roaring in the trees at the top of the hill, and along the river. The garage roof developed an alarming banging noise, which I'll have to check on when the weather isn't so feral.
It's stopped raining for the most part, and this morning I went for a drive around the valley to see what the damage was. The river must have reached its peak during the night, because you could see where the high water mark had been. There are a lot of trees and rock slides on the road, but the road is open and driveable.The picture above is Big Snowy Creek (as opposed to Little Snowy Creek), and somewhere under all that water is a quiet little swimming hole. Yeah, somehow I think all that rain might have melted some of the snow off the mountains.

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